Saturday, August 8, 2009

Authorities and Powers under PF Act 1952

mployees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme , 1976
Central Board To administer the SchemeTo administer the Scheme, sanction expenditure, appoint officers.
Regional Committee Administer the Scheme, follow up recovery of contribution & expeditious disposal of prosecutions.To implement the Scheme & inspect the records.
Commissioner To administer the Scheme as per powers sanctioned by the Central BoardSanction Expenditure, Purchase articles required for administration subject to the Budget limits authorised by the Board

Employee's Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act , 1952

Central Government To determine the extent of the act and to make schemes and rules to give effect to the ActTo extend the act to any establishment, to exempt establishments, to add any industry to Schedule I, to give directions to the Central Board, to make rules, to appoint various authorities under the Act, to modify schemes
Inspectors. To Implement and enforce the Act.Enter with assistants any establishment at any reasonable time; search, examine records, make enquiries and take statements, require employer to furnish information
Recovery Officer Recover amounts as per Recovery Certificate.Recover amounts as per Recovery Certificate.
Authorised Officer Officers authorised to implement the Act i.e. Central Provident Fund Commissioner, Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner, Deputy Provident Fund Commissioner, Regional Provident Fund CommissionerTo recover damages from employees in case of default on payments
Central Board of Trustees. To administer the funds established under this ActPerform functions and duties assigned to it by the Central Government
Executive Committee. Assist the Central Board of Trustees in its operations
State Board of Trustees. Assist the Central Board of Trustees in each statePerform functions and duties assigned to it by the Central Government

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