Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is the procedure to be followed by the member if the employer is not attesting his claim forms?

It is the duty of the employer under the Act & Scheme to help Employees' Provident Fund organisation to settle the Provident Fund dues of his employees. He has to complete the prescribed application within 5 days of receipt [para72(5)] forms & hand over it to the member when he leaves the service. When a member finds difficult to get the form attested by the employer, he can get the attestation of any of the following officer & send to the Provident Fund office

  1. Manager of a bank.

  2. By any gazetted officer.

  3. Member of the Central Board of Trustees./ committee/ Regional Committee (Employees'
    Provident Fund Organization).

  4. Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public.

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