Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Karnatka Labour welfare fund.

Contribution rate--
Employee- Rs 3 Every Year
Employer -Rs 6 Every year.
Also the employer is required to deposit the unpaid accumulations, like unpaid bonus, wages after three years of their becoming due. Further the penalty and fines are to be paid to the fund .
Due Date- 15 january.
Payement and Return -The payments to the fund may be made through S.B.I. account No.30428019173 and the same bank slip (ie., Challan) along with Form-D of the Board.

(For all other details contact : Welfare Commissioner, Karnataka Labour Welfare Board, Karmika Kalyana Bhavana, 2nd Floor, Mathikere Main Road (Near R.T.O. office), Yeshwanthpur,Bangalore-22. Ph: 23475188,42848888

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Mahesh G said...

Revised contribution is

Total: Rs 18/-

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