Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Statuatory compliance under haryana labour welfare fund.

--Every employer of an establishment shall maintain a register of wages in Form-A Download(LW)
and a consolidated register of unclaimed wages and fines in Form-B Download (LW) ((Rule-22).
--Every employer shall by the 31st January , every year forward to the Welfare Commissioner, a copy of the abstract from the register in Form-B(LW) Download pertaining to the previous year. (Rule-22)
--Every employer shall pay, all fines realized from the employees & remaining unutilized and all unpaid accumulations held by the employer, in cash or by money order or by postal order or by demand draft or cheque drawn on any schedule Bank duly crossed in favour of the 'Welfare Commissioner, Haryana, 30 Bays Building, Sector 17, 2nd Floor, Room No. 51, Chandigarh (section-3 & 9).
---All fines realized from the employees and unpaid accumulations during the quarters, ending the 31st March, the 30th June, the 30th September and the 31st December shall be paid by the employer by the 1st May, the 1st August, the 1st November and the 1st Feburary, succeeding such quarter and a statement giving particulars of the amounts so paid shall be submitted by him alongwith such payment to the Welfare Commissioner.
Contribution under LWA-
Employee contribution--Rs 5
Employer contribution Rs 1o.
But the deduction will be on monthly basis.

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