Friday, June 19, 2009

No relaxation in work experience for reserved candidates: HC

The Delhi High Court on Monday ruled that candidates belonging to the reserved category cannot be given relaxation in the mandatory work experience required for a government job.A Bench comprising Justices A K Sikri and Suresh Kait held that the apex court ruling pertaining to giving relaxation in the minimum marks required for government jobs do not extend to work experience."It is totally different from the problem at hand where eligibility condition of specified number of years of service is imposed for becoming eligible for promotion to a next higher post"."This has to be fulfilled, which is essential condition and not capable of relaxation," the Court said.It turned down a plea of a group of police personnel, belonging to SC category who had sought relaxation in work experience for being promoted."The Supreme Court judgement cannot be stretched to relax the condition of five years service described in the rules for becoming eligible for next higher post," said the court while accepting the stand of Delhi Police which had refused to promote the Head Constables for not fulfilling the criterion of five years service.

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